A State of Sight - Conjunctivitis for Dummies

Chine (n.) A chink or cleft; a slender and deep ravine; as, Shanklin Chine while in the Isle of Wight, a quarter of the mile extensive and 230 ft deep.

Cholaemaa (n.) A condition characterised by critical anxious indications, dependent on the presence with the constituents in the bile during the blood.

Chess (n.) A species of brome grass (Bromus secalinus) and that is a troublesome weed in wheat fields, and is commonly erroneously regarded as degenerate or improved wheat; it bears an exceedingly slight resemblance to oats, and if reaped and floor up with wheat, so as to be used for food, is claimed to produce narcotic effects; -- identified as also cheat and Willard's bromus.

Charade (n.) A verbal or acted enigma based mostly on a term that has two or maybe more major syllables or areas, Each and every of which, together with the word itself, should be to be guessed in the descriptions or representations.

Potential (n.) Outward ailment or conditions; profession; career; character; placement; as, to work while in the capacity of the mason or even a carpenter.

Cauterization (n.) The act of searing some morbid section see it here by the application of a cautery or caustic; also, the impact of this kind of software.

Cheat (n.) An act of deception or fraud; that and that is the suggests of fraud or deception; a fraud; a trick; imposition; imposture.

Chrysochlore (n.) A South African mole in the genus Chrysochloris; the golden mole, the fur of which demonstrates amazing metallic hues of eco-friendly and gold.

Refrain (n.) A composition of two or more sections, Each and every of which is meant being sung by a number of voices.

Allure (n.) That which exerts an irresistible electrical power to be sure to and bring in; that which fascinates; any alluring top quality.

Cessavit (n.) A writ supplied by statute to Get better lands in the event the tenant has for 2 yrs did not accomplish the conditions of his tenure.

Casting (n.) The act or technique of earning casts or impressions, or of shaping metal or plaster inside a mold; the act or the entire process of pouring molten metal right into a mold.

Cocket (n.) A customhouse seal; a Accredited document offered to the shipper as being a warrant that his products are actually duly entered and possess paid responsibility.

Chinook (n.) A jargon of phrases from different languages (the most important proportion of which is from that in the Chinooks) typically understood by each of the Indian tribes of your northwestern territories of the United States.

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